The Three stages of your career


Why do many fail and only a few succeed in the same platform? 

Is it merely a coincidence or luck? 

Do failing groups lack skills? 

Not everyone studied in Lakeside School, Seattle, USA had become a software business magnate. Not everyone who received the government scholarship did start a company that can build the world’s tallest building. We cannot say it is mere luck. There is a strategic approach.

We must cross three stages of our career to achieve a steady and strong growth.

1. Learning Stage: This stage is the beginning of our career. First two to three years, we must live in this stage. This is the stage of high level curiosity, high level dedication, and modesty. Our only job in this stage is Learning and Implementing. Our only duty is to follow the instructions of our superior or code of business conduct. We are allowed to make mistakes but not repeat them. This is not only applicable for freshers but also applicable for everyone who starts a new job or venture. 

2. Testing Stage: This stage is the second stage after Learning. One can qualify to this stage only after successful completion of the first stage. Now, we have all required knowledge and skills to perform our job. So far we were just following the code of our profession or instructions of our superiors. Now, it is the time to try out something new, something creative. It is the stage to practice the ‘Inventive Approach’. At the same time, we are not mature enough to try something on our own. 

If we try something new here and fail, that will not only slowdown our progress, but also affect our confidence. It may send us back to square one, stopping us not trying anything new. Without making the difference, there is no different speed of growth. 

To try new things without losing the morale, we must create our Inventive Ideas, validate that with our superiors or mentors. We must try them with their guidance after approval. This reduces the fear of failure and teaches the ways to validate and implement new ideas. This second stage runs for two to five years depending on the domain and speed we learn. 

3. Growth Stage: This is the third and continuous stage. Now we have enough skills and maturity to make the difference with our Inventive Thinking. We have tried a few during the second stage and learnt ‘Dos and Don’ts’ there. Now it is the time to fly on our own. Sky's the limit. 

Stop. A powerful vehicle without a break is running at high rick. So, we must have a mentor for our lifetime. The mentor need not be a superior. But someone who is having some brain to think and heart to be honest. Probably a third party with wisdom and freedom. Have such a person or team of people to validate your Inventive Proposals. Make them as your gatekeepers. Create, Validate and Implement your Inventive Ideas. These new ideas will create an impact in your domain. This will take you to the top. 

All the best. 



Prasanna Venkatesan

Success Coach, Psychologist, Writer.

V. Prasanna Venkatesan is having 16 years of experience in selling & 13 years of experience in Training & Development. He holds an MS in Psychology. He is coaching individuals and business units in India and abroad for their personal and professional success.

He has coached over 120,000 individuals who include officials of many top organizations, self-employed and businessmen. From a street smart salesman, he has reached the senior management position of some of the top companies like Madura Coats, Reckitt Benckiser, Bajaj Allianz, and ING in 16 years and left his lucrative job with rich experience and many achievements & awards to take up Training & Coaching with lots of passion.

He is an Author of 11 books in Tamil, 3 in English and they are well received and admired by people from all walks of life.