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Life is too short to learn all essential skills by yourself. 

A poor young man started his career as a salesman after his graduation. There was no growth in his career during the first 7 years. He was inspired by his roommate to grow in life rather than settling for less. But he had very less opportunity to learn the essential skills of personal life and professional life. Most of the time, his immediate bosses were his inspiration. Which is learning from a single source or from very few sources. 
He learnt essential skills by himself. This was very expensive. He learned one good thing after committing several mistakes. For him training sessions, biographies and books were the proper sources for learning the essential skills. After learning the essential skills, he started growing in his career. From a street smart salesman, he grew up to the position of COO in just 16 years. 
As he was inspired by motivational superstars, he decided to help people who want to achieve greater heights and started a Skill Development Academy called Vertical Progress on 27th January 2011. He is committed to share only proven strategies of success. In search of such proven strategies, he understood that the psychology is the science behind such soft skills. He learnet the scientific term of soft skills. That is Psycho-social skills. To strengthen the contents of his academy’s training programs, he completed a Master of Science in Psychology. He also associated successful facilitators, content creators and knowledge partners to continuously update and upgrade the contents. 
As a result of the collective efforts of Vertical Progress team members, Vertical Progress earned a very good name for psycho-social skill development among the participants from India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Canada. Vertical Progress is based out of Chennai and has a branch at Kuala Lumpur. We have enabled over 100,000 individuals to achieve their dreams in just 10 years. Our journey from a very humble beginning is progressing with success stories of our participants.
As a step forward, in our 11th year, we are entering into the e-learning platform. We have found few famous brands in e-learning platforms. Most of them are western platforms. There are two types of such e-learning platforms. One gives free access to the instructors and uses their contacts. Working with these platforms is like fishing in the ocean with fishing hooks. Another type charges from the instructors that is not affordable for many Indians and Asians. Many even struggle to breakeven. Their charges are like an Indian company having its call centre in the USA. In other words, most of the LMS platforms are good to either the learners or the instructors. Vertical Progress’s LMS platform is a platform that provides the advantages to both the instructors and learners. Our commitment is to be genuine and transparent. 



Prasanna Venkatesan

Success Coach, Psychologist, Writer.

V. Prasanna Venkatesan is having 16 years of experience in selling & 10 years of experience in Training & Development. He holds an MS in Psychology. He is coaching individuals and business units in India and abroad for their personal and professional success.

He has coached over 100,000 individuals who include officials of many top organizations, self-employed and businessmen. From a street smart salesman, he has reached the senior management position of some of the top companies like Madura Coats, Reckitt Benckiser, Bajaj Allianz, and ING in 16 years and left his lucrative job with rich experience and many achievements & awards to take up Training & Coaching with lots of passion.

He is an Author of 8 books in Tamil, 2 in English and they are well received and admired by people from all walks of life.