Science of Money - way to become Rich
Step by step, proven strategies to achieve Financial Freedom
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About the Course

This world does not belong to one who is not having wealth - Tiruvalluvar, 2000 BC.

Fame or Money are the two scales to measure one’s success. Managing money is equally a tough task like making money. The old philosophy of living a happy life with whatever we have may not suit today’s life. We need money for everything. Even drinking water is not free today.
One of the major reasons for committing suicide is Financial problems. Many individuals, families, business units are destroyed due to wrong financial management practices. At the same time, out of greed many people are exploited. Many lost their money through unlawful, greedy investments. 
Many have understood money clearly and went on to become financially successful. Many researchers, experts have found the most successful formula for assured financial freedom. By gaining knowledge from their research findings, from the concepts of neuroscience and psychology, we have developed this novel concept called “Science of Money”.
This concept teaches you the honest and assured way of becoming wealthy. We have tried this concept among hundreds of participants and found it truly awesome.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will learn the power of compounding. You will learn the benefits of Savings and risk of Loans.
  • You will learn the way to become rich even if you are earning less.
  • You will learn 5 steps to become rich, 5 steps to achieve financial freedom.
  • You will learn Neuroeconomics cautions of financial management.
  • You will learn the relationship between Psychology and Money
  • You will understand the risk involved in Loans and ways to come out of Loans

Pre requirements

  • Basic mathematics, Interest to achieve financial freedom


  • Basic rule to become rich. Power of compounding. Strength of savings and Risk of Loans.

  • Secret of a telephone secretary who saved around 60 Million Dollars with her poor salary.

  • How brain reacts to money? 3 Neuroscience cautions & 5 tips to achieve Financial Freedom.

  • Hypothetical Case Study to understand how we can accumulate wealth. Tips to become wealthy & tips to write accounting.
  • Robin calculation

  • Investment Strategy to become financially Unshakable. Loan awareness & Management.



Prasanna Venkatesan

Success Coach, Psychologist, Writer.

V. Prasanna Venkatesan is having 16 years of experience in selling & 13 years of experience in Training & Development. He holds an MS in Psychology. He is coaching individuals and business units in India and abroad for their personal and professional success.

He has coached over 120,000 individuals who include officials of many top organizations, self-employed and businessmen. From a street smart salesman, he has reached the senior management position of some of the top companies like Madura Coats, Reckitt Benckiser, Bajaj Allianz, and ING in 16 years and left his lucrative job with rich experience and many achievements & awards to take up Training & Coaching with lots of passion.

He is an Author of 11 books in Tamil, 3 in English and they are well received and admired by people from all walks of life.

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