SAPT - Selling Skills for Business Development
This course is Scientific And Psychological Tricks of Sales and Business.
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About the Course

One life is not sufficient to learn the right things by making all the mistakes. 
With a commitment of supporting the family, a poor young man chose to become a salesman which was available to him the moment he completed his graduation. Like most of the salesmen, he just copied his superiors and followed their instructions. 
Not all such instructions were effective. Sometimes, he was misguided and exploited. He learnt the proper selling strategies by himself. Because, only you can be hundred percent true to yourself. 
He paid a huge price to learn proper selling strategies. It almost took 10 years for him to understand the most effective and honest way of doing business. He also saw many sales team leaders were exploiting their team members and misguiding them. He came across many customers who were exploited by such misguided sales people. 
This motivated him to develop a honest, proven and assured success formula for sales and business development. Out of his 16 years of successful career in sales and leading sales teams, and by adopting latest psychological findings, he started developing a unique sales and business concept. 
SAPT has become a novel concept of sales and business development because he merged the psychological facts with eastern wisdom. He named this concept as SAPT- Sell As Per That. He wrote a book and conducted several training programs on SAPT. It is carefully developed to suit every business platform. People who used the strategies of SAPT found it very effective and increased their income along with excellent customer reviews. 

Learning Outcomes

  • checkYou will learn the Practical Tips & Psychological Tricks of selling
  • checkYou will learn different types of selling and identify the type your profession
  • checkYou will learn the Honest and Ethical ways of successful selling.
  • checkYou will learn 7 methods to add more prospects to your business
  • checkYou will learn from the case studies of selling superstars
  • checkYou will learn creating Authentic Social Proofs and using them effectively
  • checkYou will learn effective ways of using Internet and Social Media for your business
  • checkYou will make influencing sales presentations and easily handle Objections
  • checkYou will learn steps to convert your prospect to your life-long customer.

Pre requirements

  • Interest to improve Sales and overcome business challenges.


  • smart_display Business Basics - lesson from Ford Motors

  • smart_display Psychological Tools for Selling

  • smart_display Essentials of today's business success

  • smart_display How to become Rich?

  • smart_display Neuroscience Hacks (tricks) to attract more customers

  • smart_display You are selling Ideas, not products.

  • smart_display Marketing & Selling

  • smart_display Four types of business and proper approaches

  • smart_display Change in buying patters - present trend
  • smart_display Video link.

  • smart_display Five qualities for Ultimate Success

  • smart_display Building a strong personal brand

  • smart_display Seven Methods of Prospecting

  • smart_display Case Study analysis of three Sales Superstars

  • smart_display Three buying emotions and methods to create them

  • smart_display Winning words - tools to create customer curiosity

  • smart_display Proper emotional exchange for smooth business

  • smart_display Effective Sales Presentation
  • smart_display Useful video links:

  • smart_display Influencing Tips & Psychological Hacks

  • smart_display Objection - classifying & handling
  • smart_display Video Link:

  • smart_display Effective Sales completion (sales closing)

  • smart_display Different styles of sales completion & Tips

  • smart_display Elevating from Prospect to Partner,

  • smart_display Selling More, Telephone Tricks, Goals Setting
  • smart_display Short Notes



Prasanna Venkatesan

Success Coach, Psychologist, Writer.

V. Prasanna Venkatesan is having 16 years of experience in selling & 10 years of experience in Training & Development. He holds an MS in Psychology. He is coaching individuals and business units in India and abroad for their personal and professional success.

He has coached over 100,000 individuals who include officials of many top organizations, self-employed and businessmen. From a street smart salesman, he has reached the senior management position of some of the top companies like Madura Coats, Reckitt Benckiser, Bajaj Allianz, and ING in 16 years and left his lucrative job with rich experience and many achievements & awards to take up Training & Coaching with lots of passion.

He is an Author of 8 books in Tamil, 2 in English and they are well received and admired by people from all walks of life.

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