Graphic Design for Social Media Marketing
Nowadays Social Media Marketing is essential for all the business. To promote your business you need to share your brand/business through any form of design. In this course, any "Non - Designers" also can design like a "Professional Designers".
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About the Course

Social media marketing and Graphic designing are not separate platforms. It is interconnected with one another. So in this course, you can learn,

  • The Relationship Between Graphic Design and Social Media
  • The first impression for social media
  • Design Tips for Engaging Visual Content
  • Types of visual content
  • Workshop in Photoshop

I am aware that everyone is very busy with a tight schedule. So I won't take much time to tell you about unnecessary topics.


How to achieve a professional design with very minimal steps.




Learning Outcomes

  • You will design the post like a professional designers
  • Explore your business post with professional layout

Pre requirements

  • Laptop/Computer with internet connection
  • Adobe Photoshop


  • The Relationship Between Graphic Design and Social Media

  • First impressions

  • Design Tips for Engaging Visual Content

  • Types of visual content

  • Workshop - Photoshop



Subhassini Subramaniam

Animation, Multimedia Trainer

Hi, I am Subhassini Subramaniam, working as an Animation Artist with 7+ years of experience in the top corporate sector. I would like to share my skills and knowledge with you all. My main motive is to teach corporate design in a very simple process. Please watch all my sessions and it surely enhances your business level into a brand design. Good Luck..!

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